Neema Academy provides variety of features to our students and teachers


Study plan

Neema Academy incorporates interactive animations, pictures, and diagrams to help understand the course content. Our platform allows students to revise and continue their studies independently at their preferred time.

  • Learn at your own pace and at your own time
  • Beyond the one-size-fits-all academic module
  • Access your study content on the cloud from any location
  • Achieve your target with a proper study plan!


One cloud journal for all subjects: store notes, and access your notebook from any location around the world. Contrary to conventional notebooks, you can also store images, audio and videos, and other diagrams.


Ask doubts

Have questions related to your academics? Ask us. Our experienced faculty members will get back to you with your answers.

  • Drop-in your academic queries
  • Get answers from highly experienced Neema Academy faculty members.

Get started by posting your questions or sharing your answers. Now!


Exam preparation

Our mock tests and comprehensive exam guides ensure that our students are prepared for their examinations.

  • Online quizzes and interactive animations for the overall review of subjects
  • Re-watch lesson videos in the Neema Academy app
  • Attend a Neema Academy mock exam
  • Recollect and revise lessons one more time/li>
  • Excel your exams with Neema Academy!

Past papers

Find a collection of board papers from previous years in the Neema Academy app. Practice from the past papers as per the requirement to excel in your academic performance.



Neema Academy is a community comprising learners and educators. Through our virtual community, users can exchange ideas, ask questions, and find solutions to problems by connecting by interacting with one another.

  • Data: Reap the benefits of the virtual community by exchanging data, ideas, and information within our virtual community
  • Comprehend: Help the community solve problems, and understand various academic texts and theories.
  • Audience: Invite more educators and learners and see your online community grow.

Neema coins

Earn Neema coins as you complete your study chapters. You can redeem your coins in exchange for a course in the Neema Academy.

  • Step 1: Register and log in to your Neema Academy account
  • Step 2: Answer questions - solve problems - complete course
  • Step 3: Earn Neema coins
  • Step 4: Redeem your coins at Neema Academy Store

Refer & Earn

Send a referral link to your friend and earn a referral bonus.

  • Existing users can invite their friends to join the Neema Academy app. Once your friend registers, the both (existing user and friend) get Neema Academy referral bonus worth ***
  • The users can redeem the referral bonus on the next purchase of their study content.
  • Referral bonuses are/are not transferable.

Premium Pass

Premium pass is all in one pass to have access to all the contents and features with single purchase. You can purchase this pass if you don’t want to buy individual courses one by one but want to buy them all at once.