Retain faster and longer with interesting 2D and 3D videos.

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Neemacademy’s videos are specially well-researched, designed and curated by our subject matter experts in a way that helps you to visualize and understand the concept within 5mins. Images and videos support the learning of new content, concepts, and ideas

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Shorter clips(around 5 to 10 mins) helps you learn the information without being overloaded.

Watch conceptual videos for prompt understanding of the concepts

Get a quick understanding of the concepts with 2D and 3D animated videos created by our experts. Learn virtually all the Maths and science concept.Now even the complex concepts feel easy and fun to learn!


Perfect for last minute revision

Videos are perfect for last minute revision. No need to dive into bulky texts,paragraphs or any bullet points.Just go through the video and get clearer concepts and achieve a high score!Each video has objectives and focuses on the important points which strengthen the basics.


Engaging and Interactive Videos to amplify Learning

Bored while studying? Watch engaging, storytelling videos which are fun and concept clarifying at the same time. Now learning is more fun! Learn the way you want!