JUNIOR MEGAMIND is a joint collaboration of Neema Academy and Dursikhya, a must-course for young scientists and tech champs, is a blended method of learning through online and offline classes that uses STEAM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics with extra doses of Coding concepts too.

As stated by the phrase itself, Junior Megamind is a learning percept for younger growing minds, in which learners can delve themselves into the world’s most sought-after concepts including from Robotics, Artificial Intelligence to Coding in four different phases i.e. Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.


Problem-Solving Ability

Creative Thinking Ability

Good Communication

Logical Thinking

Adaptive Skills

Leads to Innovation

Builds Confidence

Connect Learning to Life

Scales to Success

Various levels of JUNIOR MEGAMIND?


This course offers a wide range of topics relevant to a child's environment, including natural science, social science, moral, emotional components, art and craft, and creative art and introduces the student to the Computer Fundamentals using the tutorial, discussions, and teaching (using software) approach and covers both the theoretical and the practical side of Computers and basic coding concepts. Besides, it also includes cyber hygiene tips and tricks for parents.

Module Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify with themselves and integrate into family and neighbors, established social traditions from culture and tradition
  • Develop social skills such as reconciliation, cooperation, coordination, and participation
  • Attain the basic knowledge of numbers and calculations
  • Arm themselves with the knowledge of ‘introduction to coding’ using Scratch programming along with the basics concept of computers
  • Be dexterous with ICT skills and build logic and analytical skills for robotics
  • To be served as an introduction to robotics through coding
  • Be adapted with mechanical bots and usage by implementing the ideas in real life
  • Awareness of Cyber Threats with parental control apps
  • Only to give access to Facebook Child accounts and YouTube for kids. Limit social media usage along with monitoring devices

This course presents the learners with information and communication tools, technology, basic computer fundamentals, scientific skills in science, health, and physical education activities. It includes activities related to topics covered in the field of mathematics, science, and technology.

It also introduces the student to the advanced computing concepts and coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the tutorial, discussions, and teaching approach and covers both the theoretical and the practical side of coding concepts implementation. As in the foundation level, the intermediate level is also comprised of cyber hygiene for guardians.

Module Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop social values, beliefs, creative arts and character
  • Enhance information and communication skills
  • Build the fast track of growing technology
  • Grow mathematical skills like the concept of numbers, and practical mathematical knowledge
  • Become physically fit, adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Build knowledge about the advanced concept of computing
  • Arm their need for an introduction to coding for website development
  • Help children understand the implications of web technologies
  • Know the basics of robotics and circuits building
  • Uncover the circuit design using Arduino on the Tinkercad platform
  • Understand Arduino operation and integrate external sensors into the board
  • Learn to simulate using Tinkercad to build a robot and hardware implementation using Arduino
  • Installation of Antivirus and Security tools and establishing ground rules for device usage
  • Keeping devices up-to-date and password protection policy
  • Keep an eye out for changes in behavior and practise safe sharing on social media platforms
  • Awareness of a few cyber-crimes (Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Social engineering, etc.)

This course includes scientific thinking and skills, areas of learning such as scientific experiments, information, communication, technology, conceptual mathematical skills, etc. Also, students can learn advanced programming techniques by using high-level programming tools. Unlike foundation and intermediate levels, the advanced level course contains cyber security for students themselves. .

Module Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the social values, beliefs, historical and cultural aspects
  • Develop and use logical, practical mathematical knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • Identify, analyze and solve practical problems in daily life
  • Learn the development of character and civic qualities
  • Garner the communication skills and personality development
  • Build programming logic and techniques using Python
  • Know the basic concept of data analytics using Python and master in game development
  • Excel the Arduino and sensor implications and implement the actuators and bot building
  • Build simple bots for complex problems
  • Grow communication skills and polish personality development
  • Download application policy and avoid cracked games and mudded games
  • Apply safety major for social media credentials and avoid follower tools in social media
  • Use Antivirus and Firewalls along with policies for USB drives usage
  • Introduction to Individual Password policy and the Phishing attack
  • Practice safe sharing on social media platforms and be aware of scammers and fake profiles (Social Engineering)
  • Become proficient in identifying and avoiding malware practice the best cyber hygiene at home

It covers a broad variety of topics that will help learners to be more logical and manage conflict by using knowledge, information, and communication skills. It will help them to grow independent, self-reflected, and refresh their knowledge and skills. Additionally, students will be able to learn mobile app development, advanced robotics, and Machine learning techniques. Like advanced level, it also provides cyber security tips for the students.

Module Learning Outcomes:
  • Use appropriate, creative, and relevant language skills with confidence in daily activities as well as in the academic field
  • Develop positive thinking toward learning and self-study by developing a personality
  • Develop and use technical knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Acquire necessary skills to carry out scientific research and application of modern technologies in daily life
  • Learn about the system and architecture of mobile app development and publishing and testing strategies
  • Build mobile application using Flutter
  • Understand the core concept of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Use the Raspberry Pi application and its training
  • Mature use case: Machine Learning and handle use case: Artificial intelligence
  • Understand the Graphical Programming:- Game, Story, AI and ML Activities
  • Execute physical computing automation
  • Develop AI-Based robotics applications like Self Driving Robots and AI-Based Delivery Robots.
  • Strong password policy and two-factor authentication and password security question
  • Crack the 4-digit PIN and recognize the fake (Phishing) pages on the web
  • Introduction to HTTP/HTTPS and Guest Network
  • Awareness of Privacy Setting and Email security.
  • Safely sharing information on social media platforms
  • Implement Securing Home Network, Default Passwords, WPS PIN and Hiding SSID

How will Jr. Megamind benefit a School and its Students?

Generally, our Nepali Education goes with the hypothetical model of imagination and pedagogy that is oriented towards writing and scoring trends only. But, unlike popular, regular belief, today’s world demands our children to be more competitive, skilled and structured in real life. Sadly, the currently available curriculum itself is not enough to cater for the growing needs of today’s harsh competitive world.

For that, your students must be equipped with academic as well as non-academic subject matters. So, in order to address this very need and fulfill this existing void in our educational system, we have come up with Junior Megamind.

With the Junior Megamind, your students will pave the way for tech-friendly, skilled, adaptive, and competitive human resources.

Do you want to be missed out? Obviously not, right? Then, what are you waiting for? Just go and get it now. Be the first of its kind to incorporate the Junior Megamind programme and let your students be the one.

Key Benefits
  • Make your organization STEAM BASED Learning Center,
  • Boosts Cognitive Growth of Students,
  • Interactive and Fun-Filled sessions,
  • Hands-on DIY Projects,
  • Yearly Bootcamps,
  • Encourages Individual Creativity,
  • Every Child can be a WhizKid,
  • Value for Money.

Be the first of its kind to incorporate the Junior Megamind programme and let your students be the one.

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